How the waffle was invented

How was the first waffle invented? Waffles, every body loves them,(unless you aresuper weird) so I have found out who invented the waffle. In mid 1930’s the Dorsa brother made a dry waffle mix that needed one thing, milk. In the bakeries decided tocomplete monasterise in the wafer market, the secular waffle was born.


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Abraham lincoln

Abraham lincoln
A hero is someone who is honest, brave, and responsible. Abraham lincoln one of those heros. Abraham lincoln is a hero with all these charistics
the first characteristic I will going to talk about is honesty. Honesty means someone who never lies and someone you can trust. Abe lincoln is the king of honesty since his nickname is Honest Abe. He got this name because he can be trusted to keep a secret and did what he was told.
Now the next charistic I will going to talk about is responsible. Responsible means your trustworthy, you keep up with your work, and won’t let you down. Abe lincoln was exactly that he was trustworthy, always did his job, you can count on him to do something for you. If I where stuck on a island with one person,it would be him because he would do his job.
The next characteristic is bravery. Bravery means to never back down, to fight for what’s right, and is never afraid. Abe Lincoln is all of those. He never backed down from a fight, and he fought for what’s right, and was not afraid. What made him braver was he was in the army which say’s something about a person. It talks about him because he fought for our rights. That’s why he is a great leader and also my hero
by:Austin W.